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As my second blog post for the Keepin’ It Real Blog Series approached, I watched for laughter around me.  What does real laughter look like, when does it happen, and how does it make you feel?  I often type “Ha!” or “LOL,” but those are just placeholders for the genuine emotion.  I’ve had the honor of photographing three weddings in the last four weekends, and realized that my favorite images from those weddings are the moments of Real Laughter.  Stories happen during weddings, joyful emotion happens during weddings, and I have gotten so caught up in the moments of stories and joy, that sometimes I just want to feel it rather than photograph it, but then I remind myself that it’s okay to laugh and cry behind the camera as long as I remember to push the button at the right times!

Super fun Star Wars theme wedding a couple of weeks ago provides us with the perfect examples of Real Laughter and joy.


During the ceremony – groom kisses father of bride, everyone laughs.



The best man forgets he has the ring…..



Stormtrooper serious portrait gets funny (they really were laughing, you just have to look at their body language, because their faces, well…. )2015_06_CaraAndyPortraits_0062015_06_CaraAndyPortraits_007


The bride kisses and says hi to R2-D2, his whistles and flaps go crazy, and the laughter ensues….. 2015_06_CaraAndyPortraits_016 2015_06_CaraAndyPortraits_014


Toasts…. need I say more?  That’s the groom under his napkin…..

2015_06_CaraAndyReception_109 2015_06_CaraAndyReception_102


And portraits, beautiful sunset in a vineyard, the laugh yields one of my favorite images of the night.  Thanks for the honor of capturing your Real Laughter!



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  1. TM June 16, 2015

    Love this – especially the last two photos. This couple is clearly going to have a lifetime of real laughter!

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