Monthly Archives: October 2014

Day 314 – Halloween Visitors

Day 314 – October 31, 2014 – Halloween Visitors.
Liam and Kelly (sorry, Robot and Monkey) came by for a visit today. Monkey was sound asleep in the car. Got a cute shot anyway. Anybody else coming by before the light is gone?

Halloween-web-1 Halloween-web-2

Day 313 – My Secret Garden

Day 313 – October 30, 2014 – My Secret Garden.
Nick came over again today and completed the transformation of our front courtyard. Breathtaking. I want to get an umbrella and just sit there…..


Day 312 – Halloween in the Neighborhood

Day 312 – October 29, 2014 – Halloween in the Neighborhood.
Driving away from work this afternoon, I had to pull over to snap this hilarious image. Is this perhaps at a plumber’s house?


Day 311 – More Emmi

Day 311 – October 28, 2014 – More Emmi.
I couldn’t resist. I’m moving through these wonderful images of Emmi, loving her spirit, and having fun!!


Day 310 – Emmi’s a Senior!

Day 310 – October 27, 2014 – Emmi’s a Senior!
Emmi was a student of mine in my two years as principal at Olivet. Time sure flies! Honored to capture her beautiful light today.


Day 309 – Poly Cat

Day 309 – October 26, 2014 – Poly Cat.
I love my sweet Poly. She’s polydactyl (many toed) so her name is Polyana rather than Pollyanna. I love how it looks like she is wearing high heels……#sixtoedsweetie


Day 308 – My Lovely Mom

Day 308 – October 25, 2014 – My Lovely Mom.
Had fun this afternoon in Geyserville. Mom found a great dress, perfect reason to have a costume party!


Day 307 – Getting in the Season

Day 307 – October 24, 2014 – Getting in the Season…..
Not much time to shoot today, but did a tiny bit of decorating for fall….


Day 306 – Busy Boys!

Day 306 – October 23, 2014 – Busy Boys!
I love my job, especially when it involves chasing adorable youngsters around the yard and capturing the mischievous twinkle in their eyes!


Day 305 – Bloom & Grow

Day 305 – October 22, 2014 – Bloom and Grow.
This sign left me singing today as I left a training at Whited School! Isn’t that what schools are for? Helping our students to bloom and grow….