Monthly Archives: September 2014

Day 282 – Gardenia For Mom

Day 282 – September 29, 2014 – Gardenia for Mom.
While landscaping last week, I added a gardenia so that my mom will come visit more often!

Day 281 – Sunset Again

Day 281 – September 28, 2014 – Sunset again.
Couldn’t resist this, love the vertical format, and the olive branch in the foreground.

Day 280 – Campout & Chicken Fun

Day 280 – September 27, 2014 – Campout & Chicken Fun.
Had some friends over for a campout (except we didn’t camp) in our backyard. The kids loved the chickens!

Day 279 – Sweet Baby James

Day 279 – September 26, 2014 – Sweet Baby James!
Finally got to meet this sweetheart. He kept his best smiles for his mama though! Stared at me through his toys, couldn’t resist this shot.

Day 278 – Toad in My Yard

Day 278 – September 25, 2014 – Toad in my Yard.
Had a great day landscaping with a friend today, he found this guy hanging out in the rocks. I had to capture that eye!!!

Day 277 – Matanzas Flowers

Day 277 – September 24, 2014 – Matanzas Flowers.
Lunch break today, couldn’t stay away from these beauties. I’ve been walking past them for days, hoping for a grey day to capture their glory in a softer light…..

Day 276 – Fall is Here

Day 276 – September 23, 2014 – Fall is Here!
Collected evidence of fall today. Still loving macro!

Day 275 – Oodles of Zoodles

Day 275 – September 22, 2014 – Oodles of Zoodles.

Mixing my love of cooking with my photography today.  We’re having zoodles (zucchini noodles) for the first time and they looked so fun to shoot!

Day 274 – CSA Bonus!

Day 274 – September 21, 2014 – CSA Bonus!

Found this tiny snail in my lettuce, verification that no pesticides are used!  For context on his tiny size, he’s sitting on an egg!

Day 273 – Juliet’s Senior Shoot

Day 273 – September 20, 2014 – Juliet’s Senior Session.
What a beautiful young lady, inside and out! Looking forward to watching this senior tear up the mountain bike race courses this spring!