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Ocean Beach – Part 2 – Location Family Photographer

A second evening to catch the glorious light of the sun mixed with the surf and happy children.  So many more to go through and edit and share, but these two are special to me!  My nephew, and niece…..

OceanBeachEganFamily2-1 OceanBeachEganFamily2-2

Ocean Beach – Location Family Photographer



Magical sunset at Ocean Beach in San Diego.  Family dinner with my sister, and our photo shoot was different than planned because the sun went down before we got there, but beautiful and magical just the same!

OceanBeachEganFamily-2 OceanBeachEganFamily-6 OceanBeachEganFamily-8 OceanBeachEganFamily-14

Mist on the Field – Location Landscape Photographer

Traveling for my consulting job sometimes yields a gem like this one! Mist on the field makes you not quite notice the freeway in the background….


Moon Rise Sequence – Canvas Coming Soon!

Ok, moonlovers… Here’s my series as the moon rose for your enjoyment. Canvas prints will be available for purchase, cost TBD, let me know if you want info when I’m ready to release price and a limited number of prints (no logo on canvas).


Wine Country Beauty – Sonoma County’s Nature Photographer

Some beauty from the weekend’s wine country adventures. The way the light was filtering through the poppy “hair” was so enticing. So glad I never leave my camera at home!



Cantin Family Sneak Peek – Santa Rosa’s Family Photographer

Had a great shoot with a neighbor family this week! Ok, only neighbors when they visit from France. The boys’ energy is infectious. I found myself chasing them around with a huge smile on my face. I did not, however, chase them up the trees, except with my zoom lens!


The Glorious Moon – Santa Rosa’s Landscape Photographer

Did you notice the moon rise tonight?? My awesome husband did! Then we popped over to our awesome neighbor’s house and combined my camera with his lens… Wow!!! No cheese or man up there, but some gorgeous detail in the craters!


El Nido Hailstorm – Location Landscape Photographer

Crazy hail storm at the school for which I was consulting today outside of Merced.  Wow!  This is the gorgeous aftermath…

My Love’s Light – Santa Rosa Portrait Artist

Isn’t my sweetie handsome? I love the light coming in the window…..


Annadel Oak Glow – Santa Rosa’s Nature Photographer

Great hike/shoot/shoot/shoot/hike on Sunday morning!