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I’ve joined this awesome group of photographers who do a monthly blog circle called “Keepin’ It Real.”  Please read all the way to the end, and follow the blog circle to the next photographer to keep it going.  (not like a chain letter, I promise!)

This month’s theme is “Real Bliss” and I just joined so didn’t have a whole month to think about it and shoot sessions with bliss in mind.  So, in a moment of, “oh shoot what do I do???” I went out in the garden that we’ve been working on over the last few months.  The flowers are blooming, hummingbirds and butterflies are zipping about, and I just sat down.  Our neighborhood is out in the country, and at that moment, it was silent except for sounds of nature.  Wind blowing gently through the oaks, the one hummingbird that makes noise as he flies, my chickens making contented noises as they dig around the yard for yummy bugs, other birds in trees…… As I sat, I realized that I was IN BLISS, right then, perfect timing.  Of course, being the photographer that I am, my camera was around my shoulder, and my macro lens was in my pocket.  So, I started taking shots of the beauty around me.

(My business focus is on lifestyle and portrait photography, but my first love was macro, so if you review my work over the last few years, you’ll see many images shot with this battered and dented Sigma lens.)  Enjoy my bliss:









Toward the end of this time.  Our little bantam rooster came over to me.  He hadn’t been feeling well, and I knew he might not be able to recover from whatever chicken ailment he was suffering from.  I held out my hand, and he kind of lay down on it.  So, I picked him up and held him and talked to him, and of course, photographed him.  Here’s Matador:


I’m glad we had that moment of bliss together.  He passed away the next day, and we buried him under the apple tree so he can continue to bring us joy as he did in life.  Goodbye sweet chicken, you will be missed.  Your noise at 5am, probably not, but your spirit and spunk, definitely.

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