Monthly Archives: December 2014

Day 357 – Hummingbird

Day 357 – December 13, 2014 – Hummingbird.
The bottle brush outside our front door attracts hummingbirds, and I just happened to be out taking flower macro shots, when this little guy stopped to pose for me. Magical moment.


Day 356 – Rincon Valley Little League Fields in Flood

Day 356 – December 12, 2014 – Rincon Valley Little League Fields in Flood.
Bryan played ball here in his childhood. There’s still a bit of kid in him; playing in the creek overflowing the road is always fun! This is where the water from our creek goes on its way to the ocean.


Day 355 – Flooded Creek!

Day 355 – December 11, 2014 – Flooded Creek!
Dug channels to drain our yard to this creek. Now inside and dry.


Day 354 – Rachelle’s Done!

Day 354 – December 10, 2014 – Rachelle’s Done!
Congrats to Rachelle for completing her multiple subject credential program! Thanks for inviting us to join your celebration!


Day 353 – The Bridge

Day 353 – December 9, 2014 – The Bridge.
I love this image from Saturday’s session. Cole and Luke braved the trestles for me to capture this special moment!


Day 352 – Wreath Making Party

Day 352 – December 8, 2014 – Wreath Making Party.
Loved the short time I spend on Saturday making a wreath with a friend, and getting my first glimpse of the work that LandPaths does.


Day 351 – Nick’s Senior Sneak Peek!

Day 351 – December 7, 2014 – Nick’s Senior Sneak Peek!
Downtown Santa Rosa threw a party today for Nick’s senior shoot! There was even a train on the tracks. It was an honor to get to know this handsome young man!


Day 350 – Davis Family Sneak Peek!

Day 350 – December 6, 2014 – Davis Family Sneak Peek!
Healdsburg adventures this morning. So excited to finish working through these beautiful images!


Day 349 – Bella Cat

Day 349 – December 5, 2014 – Bella Cat.
My parents are hosting this loving cat with soulful eyes. Had to share this image.BellaCat-1

Day 348 – Water in the Creek!

Day 348 – December 4, 2014 – Water in the Creek!
Excited to see water running freely in our creek. Blessed to have this awesome view when driving on our street each day. Love! Must do something about that poor barn though….